What is a professional credential and why is it important?


Professional credentials are earned, and are awarded by an academic institution or professional organization to authenticate one’s qualifications and competence based on successful completion of a set forth criteria by an education provider. They attest to a trusted measure of credibility to the public. Once earned, the letters of designation will be placed after one’s name and will be regarded as qualified and recognized as legitimate.

An FTI Credentialing Exam ensures the highest level of understanding for our students and is available to those who successfully pass an approved technology course or program. Your courseware provider will equip you with all information relating to taking the FTI Professional Designation Exam.

Upon completion with a passing grade, you will obtain a professional designation and join likeminded professional as they lead technologies to the forefront of value for business & industry. 

Courseware Certification – For Education Providers

By having your course or program evaluated and approved by FTI you are adding professionalism and creditability, which in turn enhances the value to students and to industries, globally. Our subject matter experts review and evaluate your courseware to ensure it meets the highest standard for examamination and awarding of a professional designations.

FTI continues to enhance the standards for quality and compliance or all technologies.

FTI’s Approved Courseware Providers (A.C.P.)

To earn an A.C.P. designation a provider must meet or exceed a series of rigorous standards for quality and effectiveness as defined by FTI.

Organizations who’s training and curriculum have been approved in one or more technology areas are eligible to become an Approved Courseware Provider.

Become an Approved Courseware Provider

How much does it cost to become an approved courseware provider with the Foundational Technologies Institute?

Request to review and approve a course or program

This cost is associated with a complete review of a course or program to assess that all aspects are compliant with global standards. The cost per student will be determined as part of the process of your organization becoming an Approved Courseware Provider. Each program must be submitted for review and approval.